Friday, May 18, 2012

Honour The Father

This is one our fundraisers coming up in June. We do so much for mother's day and not a lot for the fathers. In a prison stat that I read, when handing out cards to inmates for special occasions 90% of mothers day cards were taken and only 5% of the father's day ones were used. We all love our moms!!! For the most part, the fathers of the addicts we serve at the Dhouse, were never present or, if they were, were abusive. On June 16 we would like to honor our fathers, but most of all the Father that I'm introducing these men to, Father God, the one father that will give us true love and never disappoint us. I have asked one of our men to share his testimony that night. He has been separated from his wife for the last couple of years. They have a 5-year-old son who he hasn't seen a whole lot of due to his addiction. In the last couple of months, though, she has given him permission to spend Saturdays with their son. He is beginning to rebuild trust and a relationship with them, all because he is letting his true father, father him. AMEN.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jericho Road at V.C.C.

Check out this link. This was on mothers day at our church, Vanier Community as we were asked to take the service and share about our ministry at Jericho Road. We did our 'cardboard' testimonies at the end with 25 of our guy's. Unfortunately there was a problem with the camera at the end of my talk and they didn't get the cardboard testimonies. We are going to do it again and hopefuly we will get the whole thing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coldest Night of the Year

At Jericho Road, as some know, we did a fund raiser a little while back called the 'Coldest Night of the Year'. It was a great success and around 120 people came out for the 5km walk in support for awareness of homelessness. Our goal was $20 000 and we past that by a long shot, around  $30 000. Thanks to every one who supported us by walking and donating. Here is a video our friend Tony took. Check it out on this link.

Here is Tony's email
2 minute interview to be aired on CKCU and CKDJ recorded the day after the Walk. Laurie-Ann Copple
interviewed me.
Podcast of Sunday’s Over my Head radio program.  I reported on the Walk, starting at 11 mins 21 secs into the show.
This whole operation  was organized with military precision. As an ex sailor I appreciate that.   It wade fundraising easy and fun.  My team members want to be part of it again next year.
Brian you did a totally amazing job of friendly help and coordination.
Tony Copple
The CKCU Ice Breakers - Team Leader
The Coldest Night of the Year, Ottawa, 25 Feb 2012

Tony Copple

Sunday, February 12, 2012


       I heard commotion out side the back of the Dhouse, so I looked out the 2nd floor bathroom window and took a picture of what I saw.
If you look carefully, by the brown shed near the fence you'll notice a 20's something blonde woman. As well you'll notice 6 men helping (2 guiding) move a massive, frozen snow bank away from the shed doors. I actually lol'ed because I know these men!!! I try to get them to do stuff all day long. You know, the kinda stuff that will help save their live from their deadly addictions. I thought, WE DON'T LACK ABILITY JUST INCENTIVE!!!! They told me later that she offered them beer as payment. One said 'no thanks, that's why I live here.' She paid them in cigarettes.
I know if i remain focused on what I get out of everything I do, I have difficulty doing it or even become resentful. I must remember that I'm serving a greater power and most of the reward is not going to be in this life but the next. Today I want to focus on what I can give not what I can get and my ability will have no limit!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sad but exciting morning. Almost 2 years ago my spiritual mentor, Doug was in my office and saw an email from One Way Ministries inviting me to a new group that was starting out. He was excited and told me that I had to go to check it out as he had just finished it. My wife and I went for the information session where they let us know that this was an 18-month commitment to journey with 10 other couples.

Wow, I can barely figure out what we are eating for supper before we leave the house in the morning let alone making an 18-month commitment!!!

Vikki and I looked at our schedules and talked to our bosses and everything worked out so that we could sign up for this group called Together. After an interview with the leaders of it, where, I guess we were deemed sane enough to begin this journey we were invited to join. Our first 3 day outing was a trip to Mont Treamblant. Not so bad, we thought, until we found out that we had to give a short testimony in front of the group. I asked Vikki "How the heck did we get in this group?! Its all pastors and their wives. I bet I'm the only drug addict!!!"

Thus began the 18-month journey. What an amazing journey it has been! Basically learning to build relationships as leaders and being discipled as a couple in all areas of our lives, from how we relate to each other (Life Languages), health & fitness, finances, conflict resolution tools and emotional health.

I feel I have gained 20 close friends and have been given some great tools for my marriage and life in general.

We will leave shortly for Chateau Montebello!!!!!! for our last 3 day adventure. I am so greatful for the oppertunity this group has given me and my family.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who is my NIEGHBOR!!!

 This was the video from the Civic Prayer breakfast. Theme being about who is my neighbor. Thats right Im in it!!!

I'm OK

Nearing the first year of my recovery from addiction I signed up to go on this men’s overnight conference that was out of town. I went eager to share my hope and encouragement with other men. I quickly found out I was there for me. After dinner we were to meet in the sanctuary. I entered the room last and everyone was already seated. Someone yelled out that he had saved a seat for me in the front row, so up I went. After a few teachings and stories they took a break and told us to come back in 15 mins for an afterglow. I did not know what this meant but was sure it wasn’t good, memories of weird church stuff and televangelist healing shows haunted me. I was trapped.
The pastor started to explain God in three parts, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He explained that I could have an intimate relationship with God and that I could be filled with the Holy Spirit. He made an offer for anyone who needed healing or hadn’t been intimate with God to stand up and receive prayer. All of a sudden I found myself standing, embarrassed at the thought that I could be the only one. Men surrounded me, put their hands on me and began to pray for me. I closed my eyes and a movie started playing in my head.
The movie was of a true story my mom had told me many years ago. The movie was set in my dad’s old church’s sanctuary. The service was over. A lady my mom had never met before, came over to her, pointed at me and asked if I was her son. My mom hesitated, and then said yes. The lady told her that I was troubled but I was going to be ok.
As the men prayed with their hands on me, I remember feeling my shoulders relax, like I was coming out of a fighting stance. I realized that I had been fighting my whole life. What was I even fighting?
I saw a cloud over my head that was filled with rage, fear and hurt and it was evaporating, giving me a sense of relief that I had never known. In that moment God met my deepest need and told me that I am ok. Tears poured down my face and I was flooded with what I can only describe as liquid love. I was being filled with Gods love. The only thing I ever wanted but could never receive. I was overwhelmed.
We were asked to take a seat. I remember I was sure glad for the front row so no one could see what a mess I was in. The pastor stated that God could speak thru people and left the floor open to anyone who thought they heard from God. I actually think I rolled my eyes at that point. A couple of people shared. Then from what sounded like it was in my head, a man said ‘someone here that has been fighting addiction their whole life, God wants you to know that you’re ok.’ I completely lost it. I was sobbing, I had snotcicles. I was so overwhelmed I left the room.
The next morning I awoke and stepped outside for a smoke. Immediately I was overwhelmed with the colour of the green on the trees. I could smell the rain. I was looking thru a new lens. It felt like my whole life a hand had been on my head pushing me under, now it was gone. I felt total surrender to God and his will for my life.
God gave me a verse to reaffirm his power in my life. Psalm 107:14 ‘He brought me out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away my chains.’